Little Green Train

Just a few steps from our mountain hut, you can board the most picturesque train in Sardinia. The “Trenino Verde” (Green Train) is a tourist railway line with 5 routes that cut through and explore the most characteristic and pristine scenes of Sardinia.

Starting from the chalet, the trip lasts about 2 hours and will take you to the Mandas station, with stops at Nurallao, Isili, and Serri. You’ll travel aboard vintage locomotives and carriages, on narrow-gauge tracks: the effect is like a journey back in time, with slow travel, on slopes and scenic curves, amidst picturesque hills and forests. Each stop lasts as long as necessary for tourists to enjoy and appreciate the peculiarities of the station. There is no immediate departure between the outbound and return courses, so tourists will need to plan their return to the mountain hut well or plan the journey departing from Mandas, arriving at the mountain hut, perhaps coinciding with check-in with us. Furthermore, the stops on the journey vary between outbound and return. By choosing to depart from Mandas, heading towards Laconi, to check-in at our mountain hut, there will be more stops, as a stop is planned for the Nuraghe of Isili, and a stop at Sarcidano in front of Lake Is Barroccus.

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