Baita Maore is located on the east side of the beautiful Aymerich Park, whose view is well enjoyable from the lodge. The town of Laconi, instead, is not visible but is easily reachable by car or with our e-bikes.

During your stay in Baita Maore, you can enjoy the pleasure of visiting such a unique and well-kept village, which is so dear to the history of our island: Sardinia.
Today the town is home to less than 2000 inhabitants, therefore tourists can fully appreciate its quietness and experience the courtesy of the welcoming people of Laconi, proud of the little jewel in which they live. The town of Laconi is situated about 500 meters up the ridge of the Sarcidano plateau and, because of the physical characteristics of its territory, became a Marquisate since the Byzantine era. However, the first traces of human activities in the area date back to the Ancient Neolithic (over 4500 years BC), registered with the discovery of some artefacts inside the caves scattered around the town. The rich presence of natural springs encouraged the rise of the first human settlements in this part of Sardinia. In the area, there are still ruins of Nuraghi and Domus de Janas as well as traces of Carthaginian and Roman populations; the civilisations of the Mediterranean have always watched the territory of Laconi with interest!
Nowadays the town hosts several archaeological, historical and naturalistic attractions: the Archaeological Civic Museum of the Menhirs, housed by the Aymerich Palace (the Formal residence of the Marquis, in neoclassical style), the birthplace of Sant’Ignazio with its museum, the Aymerich park, the largest urban park in Sardinia, with 22 hectares and populated by an extraordinary variety of endemic and non-endemic flora and hosting the ruins of a medieval castle dating to the 13th century.
Driving south from Baita Maore, it is possible to reach Punta Carradore, a panoramic point also hosting the statue of Sant’Ignazio.
Instead, driving northeast from the lodge, it is possible to visit the ruins of The Byzantine church of Santa Sofia, located right at the end of a beautiful hiking track.

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