Giara of Gesturi

By looking towards the south from Baita Maore, it is possible to appreciate the view of the Giara Park, a plateau of over 400 hectares considered one of the most important naturalistic oases of Sardinia. This amazing plateau is the habitat of the unique Giara horse, a species of wild bay horse characterized by its tiny dimensions and its rarity, counting only around 500 specimens. The Giara rises (about 30km from Baita Maore) from the ground as a basaltic residue of what originally, in ancient times, used to be a volcano. Even nowadays, it is common to find porous rocks of volcanic origin integrated into the landscape of the Giara. Meadows, large puddles and Mediterranean scrub characterize the plateau, with a large number of characteristic cork oaks, twisted by the wind that often blows strongly on this land. The Giara is a natural oasis with incredibly rich biodiversity, both for its flora and fauna and it is also equipped for horse or bike rides, naturalistic photography and birdwatching. Around the Giara’s territory, there are twenty-eight Nuragic sites whose remains and archeological finds are kept in the museums of the towns of Gesturi, Genoni, Tuili and Setzu.

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