Barumini’s archeological site

The village of Barumini is situated 30km south of Laconi. This town hosts “Su Nuraxi”, Sardinia’s most important Nuragic complex and UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997.
The Nuragic one is a prehistoric civilization (they did not have writing), however, their megalithic structures and the meticulously worked artefacts found testify how this population had a complex and structured society.
This archaeological complex is extremely relevant for the identification of this civilization, both for the size of this village, but also for the number of discoveries and studies gathered during the excavations directed by the archaeologist Giovanni Lilliu between 1950 and 1957.
To the eyes of a foreign tourist, the Barumini nuraghe excellently describes the importance of the aforementioned civilization: around the 19-meters-high central tower there are four other towers of 14 meters each. A defensive wall interspersed with three towers encloses the village, composed of over 50 huts.
The structure’s oldest parts date back to the 16th century BC, with some more complex extensions added later in the 9th century BC. To the eyes of an inexperienced observer, this structure is not too dissimilar, in size and proportions, to a Medieval castle.
A few meters from the Nuragic site, it is possible to visit the relative museum. Barumini also holds other archeological attractions, such as the Nuraxi e’Cresia (the Nuraghe of the church) discovered right under the foundations of the Zapata house. Casa Zapata homes a museum and a historical and ethnographic archival too.

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