Aymerich Park

Within a short drive or through a 40-min walk from Baita Maore, you can reach Parco Aymerich, the wonderful urban park of Laconi. The park used to be the property of the Laconese Marquises, until 1990, when the Region of Sardinia bought the park. As you walk along the paths of the park, the solid remains of a medieval castle, dated back to the thirteenth century, will appear between the beautiful vegetation. The creator of this natural reserve was the Marquise Don Ignazio Ayermich Ripoli, a botanist who began to import rare plants back with him from his travels abroad. The Aymerich park still is today a wonderful natural sanctuary: with its variety of endemic orchids, the park hosts exotic plants such as the cedar of Lebanon and the cedar of the Himalayas, the magnolia Grandiflora, the Corsican pine, the pendulous beech, the taxus baccata (also known as a tree of death).
The huge botanical variety is blended harmoniously in the vast territory of the park, which is crossed by paths and trails, waterfalls and springs (always active) that flow and join with a cool and refreshing climate. The paths of the park lead to the springs, but also to the small caves, and to the Funtan’e Ladusu, a recently recovered monument from 1899.

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