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Baita Maore is located in a strategic point of Sardinia which offers a wide variety of activities and attractions, thanks to the diversity of its territory. In Laconi itself and within a 30 km distance from Baita Maore, there are countless places suitable for activities such as trekking, cycling, horse riding, kayaking, climbing and other physical activities enjoyable by both beginners and agonists.

Those who do not feel like hiking rough tracks can take a walk in the Aymerich Park, enjoying the beauty and peace of being in a natural setting, surrounded by streams and vegetation. In a twenty minutes drive, it is possible to reach Funtana Is Arinus Park, characterized by its waterfalls and lakes. Also in this case, the track is simple and suitable for children or elderly people too.
In half an hour drive, it is possible to reach the beautiful “Giara” natural park. The paths are easy to hike and in the park is possible to rent a bike or have a once-in-a-lifetime experience exploring the park horseback riding.

At the same distance, toward the town of Isili, it is possible to rent a kayak and experience an excursion (alone or with a guide) through the waters of Is Barroccus lake. The peculiarity of the lake is given by the small limestone island located in the centre of its waters, hosting the church of San Sebastiano. The church is reachable with a few paddles and can be visited in complete safety. In Isili it is also possible to rock climbing, with circuits suitable for beginners and others accessible just to experienced climbers.

It is possible to practice kayaking also in the Basso Flumendosa lake (Villanova Tulo), which is located just half an hour drive from Baita Maore.
The Flumendosa Lake can be crossed aboard the paddle boat with over 100 seats. On this lake, you can also practice wakeboarding and fishing by renting the equipment on site.

If you like the idea of exploring these amazing places with a bike, Baita Maore offers you the possibility to rent a pedal-assist bicycle for a day, a practical and fun solution for your excursions on two wheels.

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